Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas UFO

Is it this time of year? or is it me but life seems to be busy at the moment! Or is it that things get left to the end of the year??  With that said, I picked up my red and white parcel quilt on Friday and started to sew the binding on.
The stitching is amazing, Christmas trees,
snowmen, bells, angels all my favourites.

While looking for something else I found this Nancy Halvorsen UFO.  Actually found two projects, this one I finished first and the other which between you and I is looking more like my favourite I will show tomorrow as I have to finish the binding.

It is alittle cute, just a panel and the angels, animals etc you fuse to felt then cut out and glue a loop to the back so you can attach to buttons or bells you sew on your panel.
I am having abit of trouble replying to your emails and comments - am sorry for this but will catch up soon.
Have a good day,


  1. Hi Michelle, your quilting looks like fun! Enjoy the process. Have a great day.

  2. Your parcel quilt is looking gorgeous, amazing quilting. The panel quilt is very cute, you are getting lots of lovely Christmas sewing done. By the way, I awarded you the Liebster award because I love to visit your blog, check out my blog for details.

  3. Wow gorgeous quilting on the red-and-white quilt! The panel quilt is gorgeous too, I haven't seen one like that before where you have the little 'pictures' to attach - fun!