Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mod podge


Our project for the month for my stitching group was a mod podge project, which was really fun because it was not sewing!  As usual I left this to the last minute but I am pleased with the results - but not the mess I left behind!!


 I am so happy with the finished suitcase and it was a challenge with the fabric , but I must confess the inside is not finished! I want to find some old mags or newspaper and mod podge the inside. Or I may just tea dye some newspaper if I can't find what I am looking for.
 Well I have caught the mod podge bug and also did these couple of projects...........................

 and my final project was my welcome sign.  I will post about my stitching group meeting tomorrow and show their projects.  Till then, enjoy your weekend, Michelle.


  1. All your modge podge projects are beautiful, I really love the suitcase. How do you keep the suitcase corners uncovered?

  2. I love your suitcase. The fabric is beautiful. I keep looking at it because I have an old suit case I would love to do that to.

  3. Your suitcase is amazing, I love it! Is it hard to do? I have some of that mod podge stuff around here somewhere ..........

  4. Your suitcase is gorgeous. I love the interesting things you girls do. You did well with the other projects too.