Sunday, 11 September 2011

Finished !!!

Finally a finish !  I've felt pretty sluggish lately and needed to have a finish or two ! Life on the farm has been busy and I get frustrated with myself as I have so many things I want to do and no time to do them in.........but enough of the moaning from me.  A couple of finishes to show (happy dance being performed as you read.) But really if I am honest I have done more crafty things this spring than ever before and I put this down to this wonderful blog and my two wonderful stitchers-Michelle and Claire! 
Millen's little quilt is finished and my santa stitchery is all ready for Christmas. (I brought the pattern when I went to the Quilt and Craft show in Sydney.)

I will leave you with these two pictures of work in progress......
hopefully tomorrow I should be able to show you another finish. (Hint-more red and white)
Have a great weekend, Michelle.


  1. Michelle your finishes are gorgeous, well done!! And I love your new header photo too.

  2. It feels great to get some finishes doesn't, well done they look great

  3. Your new header is so cute. Millen's quilt is wonderful. What a great keep sake. You santa stitching is wonderful. I keep saying I am going to stitch but I can't seem to get with it. So sorry you have a lot of work to do. Hope you have a great week.

  4. It's hard to find the time or motivation this time of year isn't it? Are you still milking every 16 hours? I have kind of started my project for this month;oS Will Thursday suit you to meet, Claire prefers Thursday this week instead of a Wednesday... let me know...Have you started your project? I better head over to the shed... shifting bulls today yeah! Not....
    PS Love your new header!

  5. What a sweet little quilt, and I love the Santa stitchery. It's a hard time of year to keep the crafting happening, but blogging is a great motivator too! Wonder what the next finish is going to be..........