Thursday, 4 August 2011

All rusty and I love it

This is my new garden ornament, all the way from Mapiu, Te Kuiti.  On it's journey home it had fair bit of attention.  Many people viewed it and commented on it's history at Mokau while the driver was getting a ice-cream !  Hence a lot of weeding happened today and my back is certainly letting me know that it did not like the work out  !!!! But we needed the trailer, so it had to  be unloaded.  It's rusty and I think it is beautiful.
There is still alot of work ahead of me and to be honest I am not a winter gardener.  I like the summer because I am all about the flowers.  So tomorrow I will be planting a few plants in hope of a great summer show.

All gardening today and no crafting or work in the craft room, so hopefully that will happen in the weekend.

This is CJ he has been a great help today (not !!!) but he is cute ! He is off tomorrow, he will have a new home and someone who will love and feed him. (Thanks Alyssa)  And I am sure he will be a ribbon winner at pet day !!!!
Happy Thursday, Michelle.


  1. Oh Wow! You lucky thing, I love it...

  2. wow that is some garden ornament!

  3. Cool garden ornament! I have an old morris minor car door (purple) in my garden.But my garden has to fend for it's self these days.

  4. It looks wonderful in your garden! I know what you mean about winter gardening ... I am the same. Little CJ is gorgeous.

  5. wonder it drew lots of attention!

  6. Awesome! You lucky girl, you're going to have a wonderful summer display I'm sure. Cute lamb.........(and chook too)