Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jack Frost Again

Well another slow start to the morning, as Jack Frost paid another visit this morning.............that's 2 mornings in a row!  Lucky the fire is going!   Pretty lite one looking from the back door!  Should be gone by 10am !
Thought I would also introduce Rex, this is my youngest son Codys, his pet sheep.  I think Rex will be about 6 years old? (have to check with Cody) He is such a character, when I go to hang out the washing I always take a couple of slices of bread to feed him, because if I don't, he will eat my pegs or start pulling the washing off the line!!!!

He is great when we have little visitors because he will stand there and lap up the attention, well as long as there is food!!!
Have a great day, Michelle.


  1. What a character!! Hope the sun is shining for you now!!

  2. What a beatiful photo...looks chilly though. Love Rex....never thought I would say that as I have a horrible neighbour called Rex. I am so glad the name as redeemed itself with your lovely sheep