Saturday, 2 July 2011


Spent Wednesday night finishing my Santa sack for the swap I am in, and posted it Thursday, so when my partner has made contact to let me know she has received her parcel I will show you the picture of mine and the one I made.
While in Sydney the family and I did a bus tour to the Blue Mountains, what a great trip and a really good price! First stop was Featherdale wildlife park. Not very keen on the snake, or the sleeping position!!
Then it was off to the Blue Mountains and the three sisters.  Was -5 wind chill, so found this very, very cold!
The rides will be remembered for ever, especially the train ride!!!! Then after lunch we headed to a small town called Leura.  Loved this little town!!! This is where I found the Christmas Cottage, it is small but floor to ceiling full of Christmas and of course I had to buy a couple of treasures!

 Then we headed back to Sydney and the Olympic Games site (which is huge!!) and our day finished with a Captain Cook Harbour cruise and a few drinks to warm up.  Sydney at nite is just beautiful.
Now here are a few goodies I brought at the quilt show, sorry I made you read all this before I got to the part you really wanted to see.........
I love the Babushka dolls, and the red, black and cream fabric above is the fabric I am going to use for our monthly project which just happens to be babushka dolls. I also brought a pattern from Home Patch so as soon as I find it I will show you! (it's a wool felt pattern.)  Hope you are having a great weekend.
Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. Finally... I have been waiting all week to see the goodies you bought! I love the babushkas, they are beautiful and the fabric you chose is going to look perfect! Sounds like you had a great time, catch up soon.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Love all of your treasures.