Saturday, 16 April 2011

A catch up

On Wednesday our stitching group met at the other Michelles place.  It was a great day, (I got more stitching done there than at Claire's!) We met Michelle's lovely family-the kids are very cute. And we also met a friend of Claire's who has a gorgeous blog, her name is Jacqui  and her blog is magpie chic, very cool blog, pop over and have a look it is well worth it! Claire surprised us all with lots of finishes.....the pressure is now on!!
Her finishes are beautiful.  Michelle also showed us her new patterns and her sewing was so tidy and organised(I am worried about her!) Look at it! No I am just jealous, I wish I was that organised!

We then had a yummy lunch, steak, sausages and salad and then a very yum chocolate brownie! How could I stitch after that, I was so full, I should of did what her husband did, look at the photo of him (Michael and Jessie that photo is for you!) So all and all a great day!
Happy stitching, Michelle.


  1. Ha ha I love it! I think Michael will be very happy he is away at camp, Lol And Jesse is a tad worried there may be retribution Lol! Fun and games!!!

  2. Sounds like you a had a wonderful time.

  3. The perfect afternoon I think - like minded friends stitching together - I wish I lived a lot closer!